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Hi, I'm Lana

Front End Developer & Freelancer

Ok, so this isn’t Lana. This is Lana’s portfolio website, where she talks about all of the cool things she’s done in the¬†web world and the awesome companies she’s worked with. She also loves ranting about UX, showing pictures of her cats, and playing video games until she gets every gamer point achievement.

Wanna get to know Lana more?

I’ve worked with some pretty cool companies so far… If I do say so myself.

Dolby Digital
Tibco Loyalty Labs
Handsfree Learning

I sometimes blog… sometimes.

Thank You: To My Male Colleagues

Dear Male Colleagues, To the men that hired me in my first job out of college, thank you. I don't think you've had a female developer on your team since you let me go, but I'm forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me because it's made me into the engineer I am...

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Questions for Employers

I've done some fair share of interviews. I feel like interviewing for front end positions is like interviewing for a different position in every single company. All positions expect me to know HTML & CSS best practices, and JavaScript too. However, some only...

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