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If you’ve reached this blog post, you probably already know about Miley’s new site rebranding for her Bangerz album. If you don’t, it looks something like this blog posts’ featured image.

Now, when I got the photoshop file to build the homepage, I was having panic attacks. There was no grid, no structure, and no method to the madness. Seriously, I was slightly hyperventilating. Frankly, it reminds me of a girls cork/inspiration boards with images cut from a magazine. The only difference is that this is a web page, and it needed to be responsive. On top of that, things¬†needed to be draggable, pot leaves to animate across the page, and everything to fit in a ratio of some sorts… (shoot me now).

Yet, after all is said and done, I love this website. ¬†I’m very proud that I was able to make this design a reality. The CSS and Javascript have some unconventional, but descriptive comments in the code. I mean, who uses a variable called “loadThisManyPotLeaves” in their JavaScript? And who give class names like “fu-balloons” and “grabbing-crotch”. Seriously, there was no way to make sense of the code without those descriptive variables and class names. If you’re curious as to how everything is responsive, checkout Chris Coyier’s CSS padding trick used for responsive videos. In my case, I didn’t have videos. I used the padding trick for the background images instead.